Anawabe Moshisusto is a 22 year old college dropout living in Massanauten, Virginia, a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C. He was born in May 1987, but his birthday is unclear--he never reveals it to anyone, and his parents never kept track on their own. Anawabe isn't of any particular minority ethnic background, and why he has a very atypical birthname for an American citizen is also a mystery. We do know that both his parents are working professionals; his father is a doctor, and his mother is a seamstress for local designers, as well as an interior decorator. Anawabe dropped out with two semesters left to graduate from college because of a serious bout with depression. He wants to go back to school, but following a series of traumas and social setbacks, thinks he needs to think about his life, and gets a job doing handy work around his hometown--to the chagrin of both his parents.

Height: 5'11 1/2"

Weight: 189 lbs

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Background: unclear, but has light brown skin

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