Early lifeEdit

Hazur was born Jason William Cottleson in the Bronx, NY, and grew up in Baltimore.

His mother, Aisha Campbell, had Cottleson at 17 and abandoned him at his father Jack Cottleson's home to pursue an adult acting career.

Hazur grew up on the mean streets of West Baltimore, constantly picked on for his lighter complection and high voice.

"I never had a happy day in Baltimore," Hazur told Christiane Amanpour in a CNN interview from July, 1999

Conversion to IslamEdit

At age 15, Hazur's father was shot 19 times by the Zu-Lu gang of North Potomac, Maryland. After 11 hours of surgery, Jack Cottleson died from complications resulting from open-heart surgery. There was enough time, however, to perform the last rites (Cottleson was a Catholic). Cottleson phoned Imam Ali Pasha Zubayri from his bedside, and asked him to hear his deathbed conversion to Shi'i Islam (Jafri'i). Cottleson took the Arabic name At-Tawbahi ("the Repentant", or "the Returner [to God]") an hour before his death. His final request to Hazur was to convert to Islam, the faith of his grandfather Muhammad Ali Abdul Qadr, Cottleson's father. The following day, after an interfaith burial of his father, Jason William Cotteson converted to Sunni Islam, and took the Perso-Arabic name Ibn-ul Hamza Qadri ("Son of the Strong Lion").

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